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Wednesday , November 25 , 2015
Export and Save Groups

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CoolSim4 Overview Videos

The following videos will provide you a brief overview of the new CoolSim 4 data center thermal modeling system. The videos are sorted according to user experience and knowledge.

CoolSim 4 Video Training
Title Category Level
CoolSim "Quick-start" Video Overview GUI 1
CoolSim User Preferences overview GUI 1
Editing Objects in CoolSim 4 GUI 1
Creating Groups and Exporting or Saving to Library GUI 1
Creating Angled Baffles GUI 1
Closing Gaps and Aligning Objects GUI 1
CoolSim Output Viewer Features GUI 1
Creating Irregular Shaped Rooms in CoolSim 4 GUI 1
Submitting Simulations from CoolSim 4 Processing 1
CoolSim 4 Output Results overview GUI 1
Validating CoolSim Output Results Processing 1
CoolSim 4 Energy Calculation overview GUI 1
Integrating CoolSim 3D Images into Powerpoint Output 1
Integrating CoolSim Output Reports into Powerpoint Output 1
Modeling Overhead Cooling Units in CoolSim 4.4 Modeling 2
Using CoolSim 4 to Model Pedestal Cracs Modeling 2
Using CoolSim 4 to Model Airside Economizers Modeling 2
Using CoolSim 4 to Model Overhead Cooling Units Modeling 2
Using CoolSim 4 to Model Active Rack Chimneys Modeling 2
Demonstration of CoolSim Crac Parameter Variation Modeling 2
Modeling a Multi-Level Data Center in CoolSim 4 Modeling 2
Modeling Rooftop AC Units In CoolSim 4 Modeling 2
Modeling CRAC's/CRAH's in a Service Corridor Modeling 2
CoolSim44Overview GUI 1
Hot Aisle Containment Example Modeling 1
Cold Aisle Containment Example Modeling 1
Using the Duct Designer to Model a Ducted Supply Modeling 2