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Upcoming Webinars

I will be hosting another of our popular webinars on Monday February 20 at 9 AM EST. This will be a series of three sessions on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday that teaches how to model a raised floor data center and interpret the results. These instructional webinars will be free to anyone who attends, and for those who are not existing CoolSim users, we will be offering the opportunity to use CoolSim throughout the webinar period for $500. This will allow participants to create and analyze their own models while attending the online class.

Viewers of this webinar will be shown how to model CRAC's, IT racks, perforated floor tiles, calibrated the model, and then use CoolSim to explore alternative design variations. If you are a manager at a data center, or you on the design side of data center builds, then this webinar is something you will want to attend.


CoolSim is a highly automated, easy-to-use CFD-based modeling application that allows users to perform "what if" studies to determine the effect of proposed data center modifications. If you are interested in finding ways to improve the efficiency of your new or existing data center, then this webinar is something you won't want to miss.



See you online Monday February 20th at 9 AM EST.   CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

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