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Customer Testimonials

 Freddy Martinez Director DE Ingenieria Energex SA, Bogota Colombia

Nuestra empresa ofrece el diseño e implementación de sistemas de aire acondicionado de precisión para Centros de Cómputo y mediante el software CFD Coolsim hemos podido mejorar las soluciones que  ofrecemos a nuestros clientes en Colombia.  Es una herramienta con la que hemos podido simular condiciones muy particulares de los sitios y esto también brinda a nuestros clientes una mayor seguridad en cuanto a que el sistema propuesto opere correctamente una vez sea construido. La construcción de modelos en Coolsim puede realizarse con gran facilidad aun cuando hay centros de cómputo con geometrías algo complejas y esto nos permite ahorrar tiempo y por otra parte hemos podido contar con el soporte del personal técnico de Coolsim cuando surgen inquietudes acerca del uso del programa, sus tiempos de respuesta son excelentes y solemos recibir realimentaciones de los modelos y resultados que obtenemos. Este software también permite crear modelos particulares de Aires Acondicionados de Precisión cuando se requiere de soluciones especiales y esta flexibilidad es lo que en nuestra opinión hace de esta una herramienta muy útil con una excelente relación de costo-beneficio.

Daniel Lampke PE Heapy Engineering

Coolsim has been a valuable addition to our company’s CFD modeling services.  Having used multiple programs, from general use CFD products to specific CFD builds, I can confidently say that Coolsim is faster in both model creation and results processing than anything else available on the market.  The results accuracy are equal to or better than the competition, but only required a quarter of the amount of man-hours to obtain the equivalent results.  In addition, the support is rapid, personal, and helpful.  No longer do I have to submit a ticket on a website, wait 24-72 hours, and get a form response – if I have a problem or need a general question answered, Coolsim support is an email away and usually gets back to me within 4 hours, typically with a solution ready to implement immediately.  We are very pleased with Coolsim and the SaaS model, and will continue to utilize in our general design process.

Bill Whitley RCDD

I could not be more excited about my association with Applied Math Modeling and the CoolSim simulation tool.  My ability to create accurate models and the support behind the product is top-notch.  The most important asset I’ve gained is having a teacher to help me better understand airflow analysis and improve my value.  I have a team behind me that gives me confidence.  Confidence comes through and helps me sell my service.  There’s a lot more to CFD modeling than the software, and Applied Math Modeling’s got it.

Vrunda Patel Integrated Design Group

I am a Coolsim user at  Integrated Design Group since the past 10 months. I have used it to model small as well as huge Data centers. It works perfectly and has beautiful visual effects through which it is easy to follow the airflow path and analyze the temperature and velocity profiles thoughout the data center. The pathlines from CRACs, Inlet rack temperature, ASHRAE recommended range and pressure are a few features which make it even more convenient to design. I have had issues running a comparatively big model , but Paul and Mathew are very prompt in solving them. They reply within 24 hours and make the model work. They have been really supportive. If the model fails at my end, I get a response saying they are looking into it and they do get back very quickly.

Karl M. Petroff, PE, Venture Engineering

Our company had been using a CFD modeling program to solve HVAC airflow problems in critical buildings in 2009-2010. When clients requested CFD modeling for Data Centers, we knew that our existing CFD program was too complex. We reviewed available programs and chose CoolSim in 2010, and have been extremely pleased ever since. The CoolSim program is easy to learn, no off-site training has been required. All questions have been quickly answered, along with assistance with individual computer operating system problems. The color animations as especially helpful for client presentations.

Richard Kennedy, Network System Specialist, Graybar Electric – Chicago

To Date; I have had the opportunity to work with and create CFD’s from two separate software companies. The first software company (who shall remain nameless) was initially where I first cut my teeth on Data Center CFD Modeling. That particular software eventually became too expensive to maintain, so we evaluated the competition and invested in CoolSim. Knowing now how both sides of the software fence looks, I believe that not only am I able to create a more detailed representation of the Data Center, but I am able to personally reach out to the software designers of CoolSim and suggest minor changes and alterations to make it more robust. I never could talk to the other company and discuss such things. The first advantage we saw in CoolSim was the ability to produce a PUE report. Anyone who’s Anybody in the IT arena knows how valuable of a tool that is; the competition does not. The reports are clear and descriptive, the export to an interactive powerpoint is a definite plus over the competition. All-in-All I find CoolSim gives a bigger bang for the buck and are great partners to work with. Give it a try!

Gary Wong, Principal, Critical Facilities Practice Transitional Data Services

  “As a beta tester for the new CoolSim 4, I have been pleased with its new ease of use and flexibility. I am particularly pleased with the new support for dual graphics displays, which allows me to view and edit models in both 2D and 3D concurrently. I am also very pleased with the ease of use, particularly bringing CFD graphics to my MS Office applications. It’s a real time-saver.

Dana Etherington, LEED AP BD+C  | CRB

When I imported a legacy model to V4 earlier today I was very happy with the new interface. Much easier to move around and it’s good to have the ability to work in 3D. Making use of the duel monitor/display feature should streamline a lot of the model building. Looking forward to exploring the other new features.”

Arnold Murphy, Strategic Clean Technology Inc.

“I have used the beta version of CoolSim4 to develop new models and the importing of legacy models. CoolSim4 is very flexible, facilitating the development of complex data center models. The edit function for components is straightforward and combined with the dual monitor capability makes it very easy to make adjustments. Being able to view the model from different perspectives makes the verification of layouts easy and saves time by ensuring the model is correct prior to running the simulation.”

Ed Nielsen, CGGVeritas

As a company with many diverse data centers I have found Coolsim a great tool to help manage the data center. Coolsim4 has many improvements over version 3, the improved graphics, have the ability to see both 2D and 3D on the same screen at the same time or split them to display on a second screen. I particularly like that the model and the report from a simulation report are contained in one file as it makes for better house cleaning.  

Charles W. Rush Hermetic Rush Services, Inc

We purchased the CoolSim software three (3) years ago after much deliberation and reviews of CFD software available on the market. We chose CoolSim from Applied Math Modeling as it met all our needs, impressive functionality, very affordable, extremely user friendly, and the sale associate was very knowledgeable about the software. We ran a model to compare to a our earlier findings “painstakingly gathered” as a comparison, knowing we had a triangular hot spot, and no air flow in some floor tiles at one of the racks, the CoolSim software nailed it spot on. We have found the customer support to be unmatched in expertise and patience, our work ranges from supercomputing facilities of large Mega Watts, to smaller data centers, we highly recommend CoolSim and the great support from the CoolSim team.

Robert Selby, Ph.D., P.E. Vice President, Morrison Hershfield Limited

As an architectural/engineering design firm Morrison Hershfield has used CoolSim in our data center practice to troubleshoot cooling problems in existing facilities and to test and validate both retrofit and new facility cooling system designs. Heat flow analysis in a data center is a complicated engineering problem. CoolSim's easy to use interface allows us to logically break down the problem and build a data center model efficiently, regardless of the size of the facility. When faced with a particularly complicated problem to analyze, the Applied Math Modeling sales and support staff have been extremely helpful in working with us and have also ensured that the product meets our needs. Furthermore, the tiered pricing structure has provided flexibility and has allowed us to bring the CFD tool to our customers in a cost-effective manner. All around, the Coolsim software has been a win-win for Morrison Hershfield and our customers.

Greg Steffen Firebird Engineering

We’ve used CoolSim extensively to model dozens of our facilities, which range from a few thousand to several tens of thousands of square feet in size and from 250 kW to several MW per distinct service delivery zone. We’ve seen that our models closely match the real world environment, after comparing the calculated values reported by CoolSim with observed data collected through temperature monitoring of hot and cold-aisles, sub-floor areas and CRAC return air as well as flow data from volumetric flow hoods. As with any modeling software, “Garbage In, Garbage Out” applies, but we’ve found when we take a reasonable degree of care in creating the models, CoolSim will faithfully render a realistic and useful model. Taking advantage of the multiple-failure scenario calculations for CRAC units has saved us hours of real-world testing, and we’ve been able to spend that time doing real-world verification of expected values, which helps us increase the accuracy of the model for the next run. The interface is convenient and intuitive, allowing us to focus on the real business of designing and maintaining an efficient, reliable and productive data center without consuming valuable time ‘making’ the software work for our needs. The reports are detailed and provide a good mix of tabular data and graphical representations, which are often very useful for including in audit reports, client presentations about our facilities, and for historical record and comparison over time. Software updates and changes have come regularly, and items resulting in a support need have been answered quickly and capably. We fully expect our relationship with Applied Math Modeling to continue to be a productive and enjoyable one!” CoolSim user at a leading independent data center operator and managed services provider delivering scalable, economical and reliable solutions for hosting and managing complex information technology infrastructure.

I've been a user of CFD software for several years in my data center consulting business. Prior to being introduced to CoolSim a year ago, I had been using another industry-leading CFD package and had grown quite dependent on the information it provided me. When I tried out CoolSim, I was delighted to see how easy it was to use, how much more affordable it was than the other package. I also loved how much more flexible it was to use since it did not require a heavy-duty PC to do the computations on. At first, I was nervous about the pay-for-compute-time model, but after completing a few models, I quickly realized that it was a very affordable and effective way to manage my company's licensing costs.

The Applied Math Modeling team has been GREAT to work with! I've been able to spend time with several of their team members on the phone and even in person, and they've been extremely helpful, even creating custom objects for me when needed. Working together, we've been able to craft business arrangements which have served both my team and theirs very well.

I had a nail-biter experience recently in which CoolSim came through with flying colors. We were doing a CFD modeling job for an important client, and we were doing a phased approach. First we modeled and provided a baseline report which showed their data center as it is today. We submitted the baseline report and waited to receive their first batch of CRAC placement changes for us to model. Instead, we were informed that they were going to do a physical on-site temperature and air flow audit to check our findings before proceeding with any other work. Needless to say, I was a bit worried. Their site was fairly large (18K sq.ft.) and quite full, and very complex in it's air flow and heat load. The opportunity for modeling error was worrisome. I never doubted the software, but I was concerned about how accurately the room had been modeled. When their findings came back, they found that the model reflected the actual room characteristics with a high degree of accuracy. WHEW!! Thank you CoolSim!!

There's more I could share. It's a great product and a great company. I highly recommend both! 

Donald F. Byrnas, P.E. Delaware Engineering and Design Corporation

I am a Project Manager for Delaware Engineering Corporation. When a major pharmaceutical company hired us to improve the thermal performance of their 9,000 square foot data center, I was excited but at the same time I was reluctant since their expectations included Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). My fear was that building the model of their twenty-year-old data center would be extraordinarily time consuming, we would have inadequate technical support from the CFD software provider, and output would prove difficult to relate to the actual conditions.

After researching the performance and evaluating demonstrations from several CFD software providers, we selected Coolsim by Applied Math Modeling, Inc. We liked that Applied Math Modeling specialized in CFD software for data centers. Additionally, Coolsim's interface was straightforward and its output had all the features we felt that we needed to evaluate our design options. After a few hours developing the model, I was certain that we chose the right software. The model building was easy and Applied Math Modeling's technical support was outstanding.

As we proceeded with the project, the model of the existing data center matched the conditions that we witnessed and we are able to model alternatives to correct their problems. At a meeting, our client's engineering staff and the data center's manager were blown away by Coolsim's graphics and reports. It was clear that without the effort modeling the system, we would be unlikely to affect the design changes that would optimize their system's thermal performance. The investment in the CFD models was a small cost for this insurance.

Examples of Companies Using CoolSim for Data Center Design and Optimization

CoolSim customers include a variety of companies in both data center design optimization and operation. Here are some examples of CoolSim customers: