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CoolSim Features

CoolSim Features

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CoolSim's many powerful features and modeling capabilities allow users the flexibility they need to create highly accurate models of their data centers. The list of CoolSim features includes the ability to:

  • model data centers with irregular footprint shapes
  • model raised floor data centers with room or ceiling plenum return
  • place CRACs both with and without ceiling plenum extensions in the same room
  • model individual CRACs with different cooling specifications within a single data center
  • model individual racks and rack rows down to the individual server level
  • perform CRAC failure analysis including both fan and cooling failure
  • model CRAC cooling using a constant supply temperature, temperature drop, cooling capacity, or manufacturer's performance data
  • select CRAC units and perforated tiles from the CoolSim library or define new units and add them to the user library
  • model non-uniform heat loads in a rack row
  • include servers, blanks and gaps in a rack
  • specify rack or server flow rate based on anticipated temperature rise and heat load §model cable cutouts on the floor or under racks
  • model blockages of various shapes both in the plenum and in the room
  • incorporate heat loads from PDUs and storage silos
  • model duct and diffuser systems for non-raised floors
  • model heat loss from the data center room envelope to adjacent rooms